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For specific Webinars or Workshops that your organization would like, please fill out the CONTACT FORM, and forward it to us. We will seriously pursue your recommendations and respond back to you within 24 hours.

We also develop custom webinars for clients with specific requests and welcome your feedback.

Email: or call 949-510-5274 for questions, suggestions, or specific webinars that are of interest to you.


Some of our new webinars being developed will focus on General Business topics in addition to Employment Law.


  • Team Leadership
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Marketing Techniques
  • Communication Skills
  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  • Decision-Making and Critical-Thinking for Leaders
  • Best Practices for any HR Department
  • Business Ethics
  • Grant Proposal Writing
  • Handling Violence in the Workplace
  • Avoiding HIPPA Violations
  • Protecting Proprietary and Confidential Information
  • Creating and Designing a Custom Employee Handbook
  • Hiring the Right Candidate for the Job
  • Protecting Company Passwords and Logins



Many of our Webinars are provided through Lorman Education Services. These same webinars will be available "ON DEMAND" after the live presentation is completed.

The Webinars Listed Below can be custom deigned to meet the needs of your organization.

Federal & California Business Law that focuses on the Workplace Environment

This webinar will cover new issues pertaining to the legal and regulatory environment, including private and public businesses and organizations. Business ethics, contractual and collective bargaining agreements, business formation, agency law, sales contracts, and compliance with government regulations will be thoroughly examined. The webinar will explore California labor law, negotiable instruments, property law, insurance regulations, securities, business environmental regulations, creditor/debtor issues, ethical behavior, antitrust law, legal organizational structures, consumer law, and commercial property law.

New Employment Law Developments in California for 2019

This webinar will focus on Federal Statutes and State Regulated Laws that impact the human resources function within all types of organizations. The topics addressed include, wrongful termination, OSHA, ADA, FMLA, ADEA, EEO/Affirmative Action, and ERISA. Additional topics will encompass Workplace Privacy, Business Ethics, Cyber Law, Employers' Legal Rights to conduct Drug Testing, the new Marijuana Law, an Employees' Rights and Protections against Unreasonable Search and Seizure, and California's Leave of Absence Laws. These are just a few of the many topics that will be covered. All new updates will be incorporated and thoroughly discussed.

Cyber Law and the Internet

This Webinar will provide an understanding of the legal and ethical issues associated with Information Systems used in business environments. It explores the development of information that is in line with ethical, legal, and business requirements. It does not focus on IT technical issues, but will focus on internet privacy and important protections that all employes must learn and implement in order to protect sensitive materials.

Labor Relations (Compliance, Prevailing Wage Laws, and Collective Bargaining Agreements)

This Webinar will examine the state mandated Prevailing Wage Laws and the Federal Davis Bacon Act. These laws mandate that agencies properly award public works contracts and pay the legally mandated wages to employees. This directly pertains to state agencies, counties, municipalities, and all other political subdivisions of those states that have existing Prevailing Wage Laws.

Ethics and Social Responsibility

This Webinar will be designed to help executives, leaders, and managers implement a comprehensive code of conduct in the workplace that deals with complex ethical issues that occur in the day-to-day relationships when leading and managing an organization. The Webinar will provide guidelines for managing ethics, identifying key roles and responsibilities in order to develop and implement a code of ethics and code of conduct.

Conflict Resolution/Mediation Skills

This Webinar will provide a practical and theoretical approach for managing organizational disputes. Managers will learn to design and apply dispute resolution and alternative solutions to organizational problems. Participants will gain the necessary skills to effectively resolve conflict and arrive at a "win-win" resolution. New processes for implementing "Change Management" will be explored, participants will learn negotiation techniques and procedures. Alternative resolutions will be analyzed along with legal issues. Managers should be able to effectively resolve disputes and lead employees toward a positive outcome. The concepts learned will be most effective in managing and resolving any work-environment dispute.

Leadership Styles

This Webinar explores management and leadership styles in global organizations. Communication technologies and skills will be thoroughly discussed, since communication impacts organizational success. The achievement of organizational objectives and goals center around the competency of visionary leaders and managers. Related areas of discussion will include the importance of stakeholders, company cultures, global competition, social values, technological advances, diversity and generational norms, and the economic environment as related to the organization.

Human Resource Management

This Webinar will focus on the responsibilities and challenges facing HR Managers and Directors today. Topics covered will include: Recruiting, Testing, Interviewing, Evaluating Appraisals, Assessing Performance, Developing Pay Plans, Reviewing Health Plans, analyzing International Business Trends, and learning important legal aspects related to the HR function.

Leadership and Team Communications

This Webinar will focus on the influence of multinational corporations with intercultural work forces. Information Technologies and the Global Environment will be observed as they pertain to communication skills and the role of leaders. Topics will include a leader's ability to effectively communicate with peers, subordinates, and superiors. Proactive listening, expression of ideas, use of paraphrasing, the importance of feedback, and strategies to control the flow of information will be scrutinized in detail.

To receive more information pertaining to a specific workshop or webinar, send an e-mail to: