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A Win-Win For All.

Parties are involved with their own resolution through negotiations and compromise.


Our rates are extremely competitive.

There is no obligation and all information is kept confidential.


For more information please call us at (949) 510-5274 or send an e-mail to:


Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Fast - Effective - Fair

Mediation involves the use of a neutral and impartial third-party mediator who will facilitate with the negotiating parties, enabling them to reach an agreement.

Conflict resolution is efficient and a cost-effective method for resolving both simple and complex disputes.

There are many advantages to mediation. The result is a win-win for the parties, who reach resolutions through negotiation and compromise.

The traditional legal adversarial system leads to an unpredictable outcome and parties have little control over the final outcome.

Mediation is also successfully being used within many corporation.

All materials, company policy manuals, guidelines, or booklets developed for a client are billed separately.

Our organization specializes in business, HR, team conflicts, and labor/management issues.